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All made from 100% Australian materials


We stock a wide range of products for all types of decorative concrete work, suitable for both the Tradesman and Home Handyman. We also supply to private and government construction firms throughout Australia and around the world!

You benefit from our price and quality guarantee* where you get the best quality products available at the lowest prices in Newcastle & The Hunter.
All our products are designed with the tradesman in mind for maximum ease-of-use. That's why hundreds of tradesmen trust our products for all of their decorative concrete needs!   

The Best Products at The Lowest Prices... Guaranteed!



Stencil Patterning
We supply a wide range of stencil patterning for decorative stencil pattern concrete. Our stencil patterning is made from specially designed premium stencil board to prevent water absorption.
We also supply stencil edging and custom-designed stencil rosettes.

Colour Hardener and Spray-On Flowcoat

We have a wide range of colours, from deep earthy tones to light, smooth textures. We sell all of our colours in both colour hardener (which is used on fresh concrete) and flowcoat (for spray-on application to existing concrete surfaces).

High Solids Sealer & Xylene Solvent

We supply different sealers for application to wet or dry concrete. Our wet sealer is not a 'watered down' sealer like some other manufacturers. All of our products are purpose-designed and of only the highest quality.
We also supply solvents for cleaning and preparation purposes.


Stamp Patterning
We sell custom designed stamp mats, borders and accessories, designed to your requirements. Alternatively, you can choose from over 30 pre-designed stamps.
For the tradesman, stamp hire is available on a daily basis.

Other Products

We stock a wide range of additional products designed for the tradesman, including stamp pattern mats, concreting tools, cracker-joint, bar chairs, stamp release powder and much more.
We can also supply bulk orders of building products on request.
  * price guarantee subject to product matching criteria and cost price limitations