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  What is Stamp Patterning?
Stamp patterning creates a classy, elegant and low-cost slate or stone look for your home or business. With minimal maintenance required, stamp patterning is a popular choice for decorative concrete surfaces. The multi-tone colour effects mean that you can create a natural and sophisticated look for a fraction of the price of real slate or stone. We stock 44 different types of stamp patterns. These stamp sets are available for tradesmen to buy or hire (contact us for info)
Stamped decorative concrete can be renewed periodically with a simple clean & reseal, bringing the original look back no matter how old it is. You can't get that anywhere else!

Our Stamp Patterning Range
Stamp concrete is stronger than normal concrete and incredibly durable. It is available in 44 different patterns
Stamp concrete eliminates the problem of weed growth that is common with tiled outdoor slate surfaces
Stamp patterning is a low maintenance solution that adds value to your property
Stamp patterning uses a two tone colour system (primary & release colour). You can use any of our 26 different primary colours
with any of our 12 release colours to highlight your surface


Flagstone Pattern, Cream Primary Colour, Medium Brown Release



   Below are our range of stamp patterns. Please note that these patterns are meant as a guide only. Each pattern can be used with any colour combination of your choice.







                               - Egyption Stone -






                                       - Federation -






                                      - Flag Stone -






                                       - Old Colonial -






                                       - Reagle -





                                            If you want to know how to apply stamp patterning, click here

All of the above patterns are registered property of Hunter Press-Crete. Any unauthorised copying, duplication or replication of these patterns in any way, especially for commercial purposes, without written permission of Hunter Press Crete is against Australian Law. If you have any queries about this, please contact us