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  What is Stencil Patterning?
Stencil patterning is used to create a pattern in your decorative concrete surface. It is made from a specially designed stencil board that has a polymer based coating that inhibits water absorption, increases strength and that makes the stencil easy to lay and remove.
Stencil can be applied to new concrete surfaces during construction with colour hardener or to existing concrete surfaces with our unique flowcoat spray-on system. All of our colours are available in both colour hardener and spray-on flowcoat.

Our Stencil Pattern Range
Stencil concrete is stronger than normal concrete and incredibly durable. It is available in 15    different patterns
Stencil concrete eliminates the problem of weed growth that is common with older tile paving
Stencil patterning is a fade resistant, slip resistant surface
Stencil patterning is a low maintenance solution that adds value to your property
You can use any of our 26 different colours, and these can also be combined for a two or three tone effect


Cream Coloured 8" Tile Stencil


   Below are our range of stencil patterns. Either click on any of the patterns to see a photo of it, or you can click here to view all patterns in photo format.




Outback Stone




Basket Weave




Antique Tile


Spanish Tile 215 x 215 mm


Tile 300 x 300 mm


Cobble Paver


Cobble Brick


Colonial Brick


English Cobble




Garden Walk




Mexican Paver


Heritage Tile



Hex Tile


Mexican Tile


Rosette 900mm x 1600mm







Star Compass









Bushrock Edging

Cobble Edging

Soldier Course Edging

Tile Edging

All of the above patterns are registered property of Hunter Press-Crete. Any unauthorised copying, duplication or replication of these patterns in any way, especially for commercial purposes, without written permission of Hunter Press Crete is against Australian Law. If you have any queries about this, please contact us